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Conservation Areas

Hounslow Council have a number of Conservation Areas (CAs) across the borough, and we are lucky that a sizable part of our area is covered by Conservation Areas. The Council also has an ongoing initiative to review and amend CAs as and when required. They have recently updated the 2 CAs in our area, the Osterley Park and Spring Grove Conservation Areas. In the case of the Osterley Park CA, this update included a significant extension of the area to cover a number of the roads between Jersey Road and the Great West Road.


To see the areas of the borough covered by a Conservation Area (and whether an address falls in a Conservation Area, the map on the LBH website shows all of them.


To see the Conservation Areas on the map, go to the bottom of the list at the left-hand side and click on “Conservation Areas”. These are then indicated by areas shaded in dots.


In terms of its impact on residents seeking to make changes to their properties, LBH advice is included here in a sample of the letter sent by them to houses within a Conservation Area.

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