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Planning policy

Planning System Structure

The overall structure of the Planning System in England, and how it is operated within the London Borough of Hounslow (LBH), is shown below.


A hierarchy of plans (the first 3 layers of the pyramid) are used to set the preferred direction for any developments in terms of the scale, nature and location of any such developments. Proposed developments submitted to LBH by developers are therefore expected to be in line with these plans. Whilst developments can be approved which are not in line with the above plans, there would need to be a strong justification for this.


In addition a number of guidelines, policies and constraints must also be followed by developers and are shown above surrounding the “Developments”. LBH will expect any proposals to be in line with these, and non-compliance with the relevant sections of these are sufficient grounds for refusal. When commenting on a planning application (and especially when objecting to it), it is therefore very important to structure the objections in line with the above framework, and to highlight the specific sections from the above to justify any objection.


The full text explaining each of the plans and the guideline policies and constraints can be found HERE.

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