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Updated: Aug 7, 2022

Monday 14 March 2022

Welcome to our blog, where we plan to give you the day’s highlights from the Public Inquiry into the Tesco/Homebase developments planned on Syon Lane at Gillette Corner. The inquiry starts tomorrow, Tuesday 15 March.

It started 3 years ago, in April 2019, when we were informed of plans to demolish the Homebase and Tesco sites, build a new Tesco store on the Homebase site with parking and flats above and around, and to build blocks of flats on the Tesco site. There would be 16 tower blocks of up to 17 storeys across the 2 sites, with 2,150 homes, of which only 25 would be houses, the rest being flats. This is one of the biggest developments currently planned in London.

We held our first public meeting in Nov 2019 to inform residents of the plans, and a small group of concerned residents has been campaigning and working since then to stop this development. We have never opposed development on these sites, but have argued all along that we want developments that provide housing that fit in with in the area’s residential character, meet the real housing needs, and respect the area’s heritage. It is essential that future occupants are provided with a healthy living environment and have guaranteed access to adequate public transport, roads and utilities as required by planning guidelines.

The inquiry is due to last about 3 weeks. Tomorrow’s opening day is held at Hounslow House and will include:

1. Introduction from the Planning Inspector

2. Opening statements from the four parties:

- Berkeley Homes and Hounslow Council who support the developments

- Historic England and OWGRA who oppose the developments

3. Representations from interested parties/local residents

Local residents will gather to show their support for OWGRA and its objections to these proposed schemes tomorrow, Tuesday 15 March, at the start of the public inquiry, outside Hounslow House.

From Wednesday, 16 March, the inquiry will be held virtually.

The whole public inquiry will be livestreamed and available for everyone to watch on


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