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Public Inquiry into the Tesco-Homebase development

List of contributions on day 3 (17 March 2022)


To follow any of the links click on the link. To hear any questioning of any of the speakers simply leave the video running at the end of their contributions.


  1. Inspector: Mrs Jennifer Vyse

  2. Mr Warren: counsel for the developer

  3. Mr Lyness: counsel for Historic England

  4. Mr Adams: architect for the Tesco site

  5. Barbara Stryjak and Olga Szokalska: OWGRA

1|Inspector: organisational and informational matters.|3:19|2 min|link1

2|Mr Warren examines Mr Adams on the Tesco site design|5:10|35 min|link2

3|Mr Lyness cross-examines Mr Adams|40:10|58 min|link3

4|Barbara Stryjak and Olga Szokalska question Mr Adams|2:03:06|50 min|link4

5|Mr Warren re-examines Mr Adams|2:53:14|9 min|link5

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