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Public Inquiry into the Tesco-Homebase development

List of contributions on day 1 (15 March 2022)


To follow any of the links click on the link. To hear any questioning of any of the speakers simply leave the video running at the end of their contributions.

1|Mrs Jennifer Vyse, Inspector. Introduction and explanation of proceedings.|9:16|34 min|link1

2|Mr Warren QC. The case for the developer/applicant|44:49|18 min|link2

3|Mr Booth QC. The case for the Council.|1:03:36|22 min|link3

4|Mr Lyness QC. The case for Historic England.|1:18:45|21 min|link4

5|Miranda Donaldson. Resident|1:55:49|11 min|link5

6|Barbara Stryjak, Mohsen Zikri, John McNulty. OWGRA’s case|2:07:45|24 min|link6

7|Aftab Siddiqui. Resident|2:34:00|4 min|link7

8|Tony Louki. Ward Councillor for Osterley and Spring Grove|2:41:17|17 min|link8

9|Paul Engers. Resident.|2:59:00|4 min|link9

10|Dr Sarah Rutherford. For The Gardens Trust|3:57:00|15 min|link10

11|Keith Garner. For Kew Gardens.|4:14:00|6 min|link11

12|Paul Velluet. Heritage specialist.|4:27:12|9 min|link12

13|Tony Firkins. Green Party.|4:40:57|13 min|link13

14|George Andraos. Director of Wyke Garden Estate.|4:56:28|4 min|link14

15|Dr Sally Smith. Hounslow Chamber of Commerce.|5:04:44|4 min|link15

16|Monika Ulan. Resident.|5:08:44|6 min|link16

17|Nicholas Rogers. London Assembly Member for South West London (Hounslow, Richmond & Kingston)|5:15:45|4 min|link17

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