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Extension of E1 bus service from Ealing Broadway to Osterley requested asap in 2024


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We, the undersigned, call upon the Mayor of London and TfL to introduce the extension to the E1 bus route from Ealing Broadway to Osterley asap in 2024, rather than in May 2027 as proposed by TfL.


  • Osterley is in a poor PTAL area (1a, 1b, 2).
    PTAL (Public Transport Accessibility Level) measures the density of the public transport network at any location within Greater London, from 0 (lowest/very poor access) to 6 (highest/excellent access)

  • There is only one bus running along the Great West Road/A4, the H91, which is often full, and as there is no bus lane on the A4 the H91 often gets stuck in traffic.

  • To get to Ealing from Osterley (less than 3 miles as the crow flies) means getting two buses, the H91 and 65, which can take 30-45 mins. By car it takes 15 minutes.

  • To get to the Elizabeth line from Osterley requires getting 2 buses.

  • Extending the E1 bus from Ealing Broadway to Osterley in 2024 would mean better and quicker public transport to Ealing Broadway (shopping centre, restaurants, theatre, cinemas etc) and the Elizabeth line and that the H91 and 65 buses would be less crowded.

  • It would be in line with TfL’s Business Plan commitment to improve bus services in outer London.

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