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13 February 2020

St Edward second public consultation announced for 27 & 29 February. See the Calendar. Brochure available here

A second public exhibition is being held at the end of next week by Berkeley Homes/St Edward to show how their plans have evolved for the redevelopment of the Homebase and Tesco sites since the first exhibition in Oct 2019.

It will be very interesting to see how the plans have changed given all the negative feedback from local residents to the plans shown at the first exhibition.  Will we still see 16-storey blocks, or will the developer have seen sense and come up with some reasonable proposals that respect the character of the area and  are not excessive in height, massing and density?


Here are the exhibition details:

  • Thursday, 27 Feb 2020, 6-9pm, Nishkam School, 152 Syon Lane, TW7 5PN

  • Saturday, 29 Feb 2020, 9am-12pm, Marlborough School, London Road, TW7 5XA

Thereafter, the consultation centre will be open again in the Tesco Extra Osterley car park from Tuesday 3 March, on Tuesday evenings 4-7pm, and Saturday mornings 9am-12pm.  So if you can’t make the exhibition dates, you still have an opportunity to see the plans. 

We anticipate that the planning applications will be submitted in mid-2020, when we will be expected to respond in planning terms.


This is the biggest development in our area for years and will affect us all.  Apart from concerns about the size of the development, we need to ask about the following aspects at the exhibition:

  • types of housing eg family sized homes (3-4 bedrooms) vs small studio, 1 and 2 bedroom flats, flor space per home

  • infrastructure improvements (health care, transport, play areas/facilities for children, public and amenity spaces, etc)

  • traffic forecasts and proposed improvements/reconfiguration of Gillette Corner

  • pollution and environment

  • construction – it needs to be environmentally friendly and use sustainable materials ie not concrete and steel

  • carbon neutral and zero emitting homes for the life of the development, use of renewable energy and water conservation measures.


We strongly encourage you to go to one of these exhibitions, see the proposals, ask pertinent questions, and provide your feedback to the developer (and to OWGRA by e-mailing

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