1. Community Engagement

The consultation process with the local community was not transparent and the results of the developer’s surveys are unverifiable. It was an expensive box-ticking exercise, a sham and a waste of our time. Our major concerns about excessive height of the proposed development and problems with transport and traffic have been largely ignored. Such evidence as is publicly available from the developer’s collection of local views (e.g. the two Facebook pages) showed overwhelming opposition to the scale of the development. We believe that this local opposition is also reflected in the letters of objection written by local residents. P lanners and Planning Committee members need to be clear that this application does not have the support of the local community.


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2. Context and Character of Surrounding Area

The development’s bulk and height up to 17-storeys would be wildly out of character with the surrounding area and would dwarf and dominate its suburban and historic surroundings of mainly 2-storey hou