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Local crime statistics

Our area is a comparatively low crime area (there are, for instance, a number of other areas within the Hounslow borough that have markedly higher levels of crime).


However we do have crime in our area, and we do have Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB). As anyone who has been the victim of such events will testify, even one instance is one too many. Thankfully we have little “serious” crime in our area – the great majority of what occurs in our area falls into four areas

  • Burglary of homes

  • Thefts from Motor Vehicles (typically by breaking a window)

  • Thefts of Motor Vehicles and Interfering with

  • Motor Vehicles (i.e. vandalism of them).

Example figures for these are as below. These are actual reported figures. If something has happened to you and you haven’t reported it to the Police, then they cannot do anything about it (e.g. compare it to other reports and identify a pattern, allowing them to catch the perpetrator) and will not include it in the figures below.

The Burglary figures seem worrying. However prior to April 2017 residential burglaries (which these figures relate to) covered only the main property. Since that time they now include other buildings such as separate sheds, outhouses and summerhouses in the garden. Half the apparent increase relates to burglaries of these buildings (not the main home).

Thefts from Motor Vehicles also shows an increase. However many of these, unfortunately, relate to people leaving something, such as a bag, on display in the car when they park it up. Sadly it only takes a thief a couple of seconds to smash a window and take the bag. It takes the owner rather longer to get their smashed car window repaired.


In response to thefts of vehicles themselves, our local Police, as part of their crime prevention have been checking parked cars as they travel within the area. They regularly find cars left unlocked and parked on the road, in driveways, etc.


The actual location of crimes in the area can be found on the following website ( )

Specific successes

The police are working hard to reduce the incidence of crime, and to solve crimes that have been committed. In the past year they have closed down multiple cannabis farms (including one that reopened at the same location some weeks after first being raided by them).


They have targeted areas with spikes in criminal activity, such as Jersey Gardens, where they arrested multiple individuals.


They have identified and taken steps to stop incidences of Anti-Social Behaviour by groups of youths whose parents were horrified to learn what their children were doing.


Recently they were also able to identify and arrest an individual who had carried out a number of burglaries (typically of sheds in gardens) by piecing together information from multiple reports from members of the public.


In addition there are a number of further initiatives underway which are of necessity confidential at this time as they are live investigations. You may not see much happening – but behind the scenes it is happening – as the criminals are beginning to find out.



How you can help


But as always, the police need your help. If you see or hear anything please let the police know about it. What you see and report will help the Police to build up a picture of crime and may be the piece that finally allows them to identify and take action against the perpetrators. Also please make sure you take prudent steps to minimise the risk of being the victim of crime. Further details are on the Crime : reporting and prevention page of this website

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