Appendices (Documents for Legal Advice)

Appendix 1A_Email exchanges with the MHCLG.docx
Appendix 1B_CEX503 Homelessness and Temporary Accommodation_8 Dec 2020.pdf
Appendix 1C_Meeting note from Indigo_22 October 2018.pdf
Appendix 1D_Letter from Indigo_31 October 2018.pdf
Appendix 1E_email from D Edmunds_6 November 2018.pdf
Appendix 1F_letter from WSP-Indigo_24 September 2019.pdf
Appendix 1G_Letter from Sarah Scannell_21 May 2021.pdf
Appendix 2A_Email exchange regarding consultees responses.docx
Appendix 2B_Email exchange regarding responses from the public.docx
Appendix 2C_Unanswered emails from Transport Team.docx
Appendix 2D_OWGRA communication re. AQ measurements_2017-2021.docx
Appendix 3A_OWGRA analysis of jobs.docx
Appendix 3B_Emma Jack’s letter_02 May 2021.docx
Appendix 3C_Email to Katherine Dunne_25 July 2020.docx
Appendix 3D_Attachment to email to Katherine Dunne_25 July 2020.docx
Appendix 3E_Email from Katherine Dunne_2 August 2020.docx
Appendix 3F_TfL letter re Tesco site_10 December 2021.pdf
Appendix 3G_OWGRA’s comments of TfL letter.docx

Appendix 3H_Great West Corridor OA - Nascent.docx
Appendix 4A_Hounslow Infrastructure Delivery Plan 2019_Draft_Page 21, Para 6.2.3 Primary Education.pdf
Appendix 5A_RBG Kew HIA Western Setting S Rutherford 25 Feb 21.pdf
Appendix 5B_RBG Kew Isleworth Ferry Gate report SRutherford 25 Feb 21.pdf
Appendix 5C_Historic England_Homebase_05 Mar 2021.pdf
Appendix 5D_Historic England_Tesco_05 Mar 2021.pdf
Appendix 6A_OWGRA letter to Niall Bolger re 8.4.21 meeting_15 April 2021.pdf
Appendix 6B_Response from the Chief Executive of the London Borough of Hounslow_CEX-21-006_22 April 2021.pdf
Appendix 6C_OWGRA letter to Niall Bolger re 8.4.21 meeting_22 April 2021.pdf
Appendix 6D_Response from the Chief Executive of the London Borough of Hounslow_CEX-21-007_6 May 2021.pdf
Appendix 6E_OWGRA email_21 November 2020.docx
Appendix 6F_Response from Chief Executive_22 December 2020.docx